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a framework to step off into

Read below to see get a better picture of this pitcher...yes exactly.

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Center Judgement  Earth Knight of Pentacles  Air Knight of Cups  Fire Three of Wands  Water The Star

Choosing to Career or Education:

Profession:  Situation Ten of Pentacles  Obstacle Seven of Cups  Advantage Ace of Wands         PhD:  Situation Nine of Wands  Obstacle High Priestess  Adavantage Ace of Swords         

Next Steps Page of Pentacles, Six of Pentacles, Knight of Cups 

Shadow Knight of Wands

I’m going to start by saying, I don’t think you are vain at all. Not at all. But the idea of a three-sided mirror was stuck in my mind. When we sat together and you weighed your options, I thought, I don’t think which ever route that much would change. Everything seemed like aspects of the same picture. Look to one side and you see one angle, turn your head and you see the other, but focus in the middle and everything comes together.

So there is your mirror, the core of the stepping back and taking stock of the Judgement card. Three frames made of wood with tiny leaves springing off as the Three of Wands, a framework to step off into possibilities. And the roots sprouting from the base, the Knight of Pentacles, the only knight typically in a solid stance ready for the work ahead. And above everything, your Star, this one made of rain drops giving a nod to all potential of whichever choice being one of sound emotional promise. And then that Knight of Cups, that’s the fog, shadowy combination of water and air, emotion and thought, rolling in underneath everything, clouding things up a bit.

And the reflections...lets set the scene with the Ten of Pentacles, ten mountain peaks, on the left, and the Nine of Wands, a thicket of nine pines, on the right. The peaks speaking of success you have found in career and the pines knowing what it is to get lost in the thick of it with study. Paired the peaks on the left, are seven sparkly starts for the Seven of Cups, sometimes more false promise than anything else. But there is the lightning bolt, the Ace of Wands, coming out of the sky, showing the energy that is there from working with others that keeps reigniting itself. On the right is the high floating cloud of the Ace of Swords, thinking of new ideas on the horizon. And the moon of the High Priestess lurking in the background, a reminder of time spent alone in for personal growth. But as I mentioned before, look at them together and really see all the chances of the Three of Wands, the new beginnings together of your Aces.

Then there are your next steps, advice, coming from that framework. But maybe before I head into that, I should explain the shape. Yes, I turned the pot you made upside down. After you made it with the point at the top, you saying how it reminded you of potential, pooling your energies together. Well, that just seemed wrong, I saw more a funnel from all that is engaging about you pouring out into other people and other projects in your life. And just like the pitcher held on the Star card, channeling possibilities into realities. But after I had the handle added on and was thinking about adding feet so it would sit level, I saw when set it down it rocked back more into your original resting place. So there is the compromise. When not pouring out, all that energy can rest back and replenish.     

And back to that handle, I put your Page of Pentacles on as a goldenrod. A flower meaning encouragement and growth, just like the cheery hard working Page, bringing a fresh face to new tasks. And coming of the stem are six leaves, for the Six of Pentacles, reminding that you everything gained is about give and take.  Holding on to somethings, passing on others. Helping others and then asking for advice when you might need it. And underneath is the fog of the Knight of Cups again. Just showing that you still may have a tendency to get lost in the murkiness of your own mind.  But just tap into that Page to face anything head on with a smile.

Lastly, there is your shadow of the Knight of Wands – pure charisma, a force that just exudes energy and while drawing more to it. Something maybe you might not realize is you. Those are the rays on both sides, coming from the Star on the inside and putting up a barrier from the fog on the other. Kinda a reminder that you tend to shine no matter the environment.

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