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an unruly thing

The pot is a little all over the place, so read below to see how it came about.

Check In:

Center Knight of Wands  Earth Eight of Swords  Air Three of Pentacles  Fire The Tower  Water King of Cups

Moving and Adapting:

You The Star  Joint Judgement  Partner The Sun                                                             

You Ten of Wands  Joint The Moon  Kid 1 Five of Pentacles                                             

You Five of Cups  Joint King of Pentacles  Kid 2 Seven of Wands

Next Steps Ace of Swords, Wheel of Fortune, The Star 

Shadow King of Wands

Okay, this is a lot - we pulled a lot of cards. Fair warning, when I started placing them around the pot, the cards rebelled and wouldn’t stay in their exact spread spots, but since it was about family, and a family can be an unruly thing, I was okay with it.

Let’s start on the inside, my jumping off point. We talked about how disjointed you have felt and just not yourself. But Kings kept popping up at different points. Across the spreads, I felt they were there as a reassurance. Saying yes, you are having to really work in a mature, not quite so emotional, nurturing, or fun space right now - but you got this whether you think so or not. King of Cups in your water energy as the fish. Highest court card of emotion in your emotional energy – huge reassurance of harmony in your heart/home life. King of Wands in your shadow as the traditional salamander. You spoke about feeling you didn’t quit have the same spark, for lack of a better word, that you have known and this King in the shadow seems to say that it is still there just not so obvious. Then the King of Pentacles that showed up with you as a caregiver, another bullseye of self-assurance. With this King I strayed from the usual pentacles ram and went with a mouse instead. But I kept the ram horns on him, because I know you are down with horns on animals that shouldn’t have them. And all three Kings I have curled up in little balls for the Three of Pentacles in your air energy.  Showing that your thought and strategy is really all about your family and putting them first. Looking out for your team. And then that net they are in … when I started thinking your Eight of Swords in your earth/everyday practical matters realm, a card that speaks to feeling caught or a bit overwhelmed.  But those Kings again, I saw not a net as a trap, but more of a safety net - like for a circus acrobat so they can let go and let themselves fall without worry. 

And that brings us to where all this is going – the circus. I ran with the idea like I was running away with the circus.  I added two circus wagons to the front. The cage on back, another reminder of those Eight of Swords, a thought not to let yourself get caught in.  Above that wagon, I placed the Moon from the Kid 1 spread and raindrops for the Five of Cups of Kid 2. Both of those I think just speak to how hard is sometimes to parent two little ones. Exhausting and crazy, just as much absolutely amazing. And the lead wagon, that is all you and your partner. Their Sun is a spotlight shining down from overhead, a spot to take a bow in. And your Star that kept showing up, is the Star of the show advertised on the side. And your Star is a shooting star for your Knight of Wands at the center. A card charging out across the sky bringing light and vitality. But in that Knight is a bit of action without forethought. The Star is there to remind to find a way to make what you want happen, because what you want is possible. And that Judgement card that we haven’t talked about - the circus parade in general - all glitzy to make a crowd stop and look. So stop and look at yourselves, this shining Sun and blazing Star. Appreciate where you have been, are now, are going, adjust as needed. And last note about the wagon, I put ten bumps in the road underneath. Your Ten of Wands saying yes, you are definitely going to feel overwhelmed, but don’t forget to ask for help to push yourself over those spots.

That push – the next steps. The Star, check. The Wheel of Fortune, that this whole circus life in general. Always moving, sometimes in the surge of the performance, sometimes stuck in a puddle after a rainstorm. Up and downs, topsy turvy. Hold on, because in all its going to be a hell of a good time. And to sneak in that on the pot, I turned in all upside-down and added the striped circus tent under the rim. And one last thing about the tent itself. That is where your Tower comes in, it’s the tear in the side of your pot, that I cut and folded over itself. A big change is happening and maybe a few others coming as after as a ripple. The move and other things in your life shifting to make that happen. But in your next steps, you have the Ace of Swords coming. A new idea to bring all this together. And that sword is the needle sewing back together the rift of the Tower. One thing about the Tower, it is a bit unsettling, but really is just a chance to renew for the better.

Lastly, those two little performers on the back of the pot. I know we pulled their cards as their relationship to you. But after seeing their cards, I thought it spoke more to just them together. There is the little monkey, a grimace on his face, balancing on his Five of Pentacles. Knowing that he had something that isn’t quite there anymore and figuring out where to go from there. And the dainty lizard monster on top for her Seven of Wands, climbing to find her voice in the world with her seven little bursts of flames coming out of her fire breathing mouth. Like the moments you catch Kid 1 alone with Kid 2 making her laugh, she and her little dinosaur arms couldn’t ever climb up without his help, so even if he looks really really uncomfortable, he is so all about it and their balancing act that is even more eye catching because it is done together.

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