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chill out and wait

Little bit pinch pot, little bit planter ... read below

Check In:

Center Five of Pentacles Earth Hanged Man  Air Seven of Swords  Fire Two of Cups  Water Four of Swords

Should I Stay or Should I Go:

Stay    Core Hermit  Block Mother of Wands  Benefit Ten of Cups                              

Go    Core Nine of Pentacles  Block Six of Pentacles  Benefit Temperance 

Next Steps Tower, Seven of Wands, Ten of Pentacles 

Shadow Five of Cups

During the reading, we talked about how you are weighing out your career in your life as a whole. To continue and hopefully grow in a place that has brought success, but does not integrate well into work life balance or look to something new closer to home, that might allow for a bit more fun in other hours of the day.

Blame it on the time of year, but I decided to center your pot around my vegetable garden on the verge of being planted. The idea of freshly planted garden, not yet bearing crop reminded me of your Hanged Man. A time of waiting, knowing something is going on below the surface. You have planted the seeds, now you just have to chill out and wait. Either for a promotion opportunity or new opportunity elsewhere. And also your career is all about providing nutrients to others, so yeah, of course a garden. 

The “Stay” is laid out on the inside and the “Go” is around the outside. And on the rim, there is a bit that speaks to both sides of the coin. First though, let me mention one thing on the outside, that is only there because it fit there - a chrysalis. Again the Hanged Man of your resources and the Four of Swords of your emotions – a little private spot for some peace and quiet. On the chrysalis, you see swords lining the casing. Your Seven of Swords, a reminder of how you approach the world on the sly. But also a hint to look to see if that is the best way to face all that’s going on. Sometimes, for somethings, it might be time to shed the cocoon and be a bit more open or honest. And lastly, near the top, I left those little dots that you often see along the rim. The Five of Pentacles and Five of Cups both came up during the reading. I think to say that though this question isn’t itself one of sadness or loss, unfortunately that is just something you are also going through now. So those five little dots are here to acknowledge that this feeling is here too. And it’s okay, remember to find your retreat any time you need.

So back to the inside for your Hermit, this career that you have succeeded at and can continue to grow in, though more on your own, I planted a squash, shown by only its blossom, a plant that needs lots of space around it … can’t be crowded, but when you dig through the leaves it often hides a lot more crop than you realize. And rolling off its petals, I left ten rain drops, your Ten of Cups, showing the happiness and harmony that this seed can yield.

And on the outside, I planted cucumber, a plant of vines tangling every which way, making connections and finding new paths to grow. A network for your work/balance life. But just like with the squash, only the blossoms are showing just yet – these are still just possibilities not yet matured. The “Go” block was the Six of Pentacles, a card of success but maybe sharing a bit more of the wealth or recognition around. This is the six little insects wandering about the garden. Ants and bees, the workforce sharing the tasks and the rewards. But your benefit was Temperance…see that one little ant balancing on the vine heading towards a blossom, that is you finding balance between work and play. A spot where neither takes completely over.

So that’s a lot, but not quite everything yet. See that butterfly hovering over the rim.  It is your next steps … and also the Mother of Wands of your “Stay” block and the Nine of Pentacles at the center of your “Go”. The butterfly, a charismatic bit of a show off, for your Nine of Pentacles, it speaks letting yourself enjoy a new career fully – be captivated by work and the world around you and the work and world being captivated by you. But to the Mother of Wands block, covering a bit of the squash blossom, it speaks to a concern that in your current job there is a fun bright side of you that you might not be able to fully tap into and share. But that’s just a worry, not a fact.

And the butterfly itself, well it’s made up of your next steps. The ten coins, Ten of Pentacles, on the wings. Saying whichever path you go towards, there will be success. The Seven of Wands on the body and hidden in the lower wings. A message that there will be fight for what you want. You are capable of either or, but you have to stake your claim for it. And the Tower. Well that one is kinda up in the air just like the butterfly. We don’t know what your Tower will be quite yet. Will you have to learn a new role with a promotion or will you have to learn an all new environment. Either will demand you change how you have been going about things and reevaluate. And that’s why I left the butterfly over both sides. It’s waiting to see where the split will be and fly in that direction to figure it all out!

(Side note – I didn’t include your fire/passion of the Two of Cups … we both know that is definitely about something else altogether ;)

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