dirty hands tarot

Always up for making more pots. Please reach out if you would like one of your own.

so how this comes together

So this is the start of a new idea. Over the past year, as I studied the tarot to incorporate its language into my work, I began teaching pottery lessons. And then the thought popped in my mind to marry the two.  So how this comes together - as I show you how to make just a simple pinch pot, I'll pull a few spreads while we work and chat. After the reading and your hands are washed, I'll take your pot and my work begins.  I'll study the cards to translate the reading into carving a story of you on the pinch pot. 

If you are interested in creating a pinch pot, the cost is $150.  I look forward to hearing from anyone who might want to get their hands dirty with me.  All I can promise, is that my intuition in clay is pretty strong and with tarot it is continuing to grow.

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