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draw distinct lines

Follow along for the story of this pot below.

Check In:

Center Knight of Wands  Earth Five of Cups  Air Two of Cups  Fire Eight or Swords  Water The World

Practical and Emotional Expansion:

Practical: Challenge King of Pentacles  Benefit Ten of Wands 

Emotional: Challenge Six of Pentacles  Benefit Queen of Cups

Next Steps Ace of Swords, Queen of Swords, Seven of Swords

Shadow Page of Cups

During the reading, we talked about how you were trying to live more purposefully, both in your practical everyday world and in your emotional spiritual world. From just the little bit of time we talked, it was obvious that you aren’t someone wants to or does draw distinct lines between those two worlds, so why should your pot do so either.

With the pot, let’s start with the outside in the back with the lily garden. At the bottom, planted are five water lilies, your Five of Cups in the Earth energy. When we met, you were visiting the world you grew up in. This card seems to talk more about that short time, where you are walking through the places you have always known, seeing so many faces that helped make who you are, and missing those not with you anymore. Out of those flowers though, is one fire lily rising above, your Knight of Wands at the core of you right now. You seemed to be at a transition point where you want to look out into the world and find more in it and find more in yourself to meet it. And that is your Knight full of passion rising up to meet the sunshine, but maybe not sure which exact direction to grow towards. And hindering that movement is the Eight of Swords in your Fire energy. Basically putting a damper over that Knight from fully striking out. For the Eights, I kept it simple, just with the net hovering above the garden, holding everything in.

Then in center of the pot, are those inner and outer challenges and opportunities we looked further into. Both in the practical and emotional queries, Pentacles came up for you as challenges. Possibly as imposed expectations in both realms. First the King of Pentacles appeared, maybe as a burden you placed on yourself as to what you have to live up to when deciding a career path. Possibly thinking the examples of what other have achieved are what you need to replicate instead of finding your own goals, ones that might not be as traditional as others are. This King I placed just around the rim of the pot like the ridged edge circling a coin. Next the Six of Pentacles showed up as block to your emotional growth. This Six often speaks to giving back to others once you have found a first taste of success. But as a block, you mentioned that it may signal more a tendency to give more of yourself without caring for yourself too. So there are these Sixes as stars floating above, but just on one side, a signal of that lack of balance.

But then there is prospect on the inside though. Well kinda … the Ten of Wands unexpectedly found you as your opportunity. Usually those wands speak of overburden, but they can also talk of knowing when it is the time to reach out for help. For you finding your next purpose, it might mean acknowledging that you need to reach out to others, possibly finding new mentors, to help find your path. And these Tens, I left at the bottom as a briar patch, a place oddly similar to your Eight of Swords, but in this spot there are ten little branches reaching out to find a new path. And above that patch, is your opportunity of the Queen of Cups. Honestly an energy that I felt was already very familiar within you, but maybe one that you don’t own quite enough. The Queen with her head turned down and eyes closed, at peace within herself. And beside her, is her and your shadow, the Page of Cups, with the traditional tulips on her sleeves, a hint to her artistic mind. The Page looking up and in wonder at all around her. And that all around her, The World of your Water energy. Two spirits encircled within that wavy wet world, feeding their evolution.

And then the card’s advice on the outside of the pot, to spur on that evolution. The Queen of Swords, standing there fiercely as she does. With the traditional butterfly at her temple, signaling her clear mind. With her one arm outstretched, this time holding an owl about to be cast off to hunt. The owl, a creature of air and intellect, your Ace of Swords. A new strategy about to take flight. And on the Queen’s gown, the Seven of Swords worked in to the cloth. Five out front and two hidden to the back. This Queen, that Ace, and these Sevens all point, yep point, to need to clearing your mind to approach any change in front of you with purpose, be strategic to accomplish what you want for you. That cunning might not be immediately comfortable but is very very possible.

So there is one thing I hadn’t gotten to yet, the Two of Cups in your Air energy, a card you mentioned had been stalking you recently. The Two of Cups captured in this space of thought seemed so much a card of making choices that are right for your true self. I didn’t add anything for the Two because looking over the spreads, it was already there. The Queen of Cups paired with the Page of Cups, the cycle of knowing your emotions and discovering new aspects of them. And the two Queens of yourself, strong women in control of both sides of the mind. Both women that honestly know themselves.

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