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Always up for making more pots. Please reach out if you would like one of your own.

hey, hey over here

Above is the pinch pot and below is letter I had the honor to deliver yesterday.

Check In:

Center Three of Wands  Earth Justice  Air Strength  Fire Ace of Swords  Water The Sun

Looking into New Projects:

Past Temperance  Present Nine of Wands  Future High Priestess

Next Steps King of Swords, Seven of Cups, King of Wands 

Shadow The Star

So after you left, I was thinking about the reading and those Kings just kept saying, hey, hey over here, pay attention to us. They felt like framework, like guideposts for each of your new endeavors, your Seven of Cups to decide between. Two solid forms there to keep you moving in your own right direction. Then, I thought, this reminds me of something … ? … duh … the columns of the High Priestess on most cards. Boaz (In him is strength) and your King of Swords on the right and Jachin (He will establish it) and your King of Wands on the left. And then I thought, yep this is the message and I really wanted to call you immediately, but stopped myself.

And there they are on the top of your pot as an entryway. A griffin’s talon (eagle and lion in one – back to the Strength card in your air energy with that one) to the right and a dragon’s claw to the left. The griffin as a symbol of air, strength, and focus. Then the dragon of creating fire and passion. I used the hands of each to signify the governance of the Kings is in your control. And both fierce animals to mimic what Strength wants to remind you hone in on in yourself and not doubt your choices. Flowing between the hands are seven little dots, your Seven of Cups. Little glimpses through to possibilities. But only one is your shining Star, also your shadow, reminding you to choose where you focus to find what serves you and what you can serve well. Maybe, those Kings and that Star are about working in the right direction.

From there, looking into the pot, you see the pomegranate. The High Priestess was such a reaffirming card for you that I didn’t want to veer far from it. So there you are, the High Priestess, in the depths. In the reading, Justice and Temperance popped up, both cards of balance. The Temperance of the past reflected your time of study and preparation, being sure you could responsibly care for others without overwhelming them and also caring for yourself making sure they don’t swallow you as well. And Justice in your day to day energy, caring for those in your immediate circle and the balance of everyone’s needs. So in those split sides of the fruit are equal number of seeds. Don’t bother counting, I have no idea how many are there, but I promise they are equal and fair, like these parts of you wanted and want to be. And also hidden in the pomegranate, is your Ace of Swords, your new strategies to approach your world, of course, comes right from the center of the Priestess. 

And one more thing on the inside, the Nine of Wands.  We actually talked about this that day. I didn’t feel this these wands were the typically last push of a stair climb to struggle through. More like torches along a dark cave you are exploring. It’s a long trek, not knowing where or when the end is, but each time you reach another light, well it simply reignites you to keep going and grab for the next. So that’s exactly what I put there, the torches lighting the way.

So the outside … well we are finally there. I planted a forest for that wild woman in you to run rampant and joyfully about. I wanted this to represent the sun. A place that grew because of its warmth. A place to be and to stop and appreciate where you are. But hold back for one sec, this is specific grove, three pomegranate trees, your Three of Wands, in bloom and fruit just being to ripen. These are from the seeds that you delving into the realm of Temperance helped plant and that your Nine of Wands waters, weeds, and whatever else every day. This is the fruit your work is growing for others. And of course, from this fruit comes more seeds for you to grow your High Priestess from over and over again as well.

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