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Check In:

Center Page of Swords  Earth King of Wands  Air Moon  Fire Knight of Pentacles  Water Six of Wands

Known or Unknown:

Known    Core Queen of Swords  Block Nine of Pentacles  Benefit Death                              

Unknown    Core Moon  Block Eight of Wands  Benefit Knight of Wands 

Next Steps Five of Swords, Five of Wands, Two of Cups 

Shadow Judgement

During the reading, we talked about you deciding your next step in life, stay the familiar or explore other options tapping you on the shoulder. For your pot, I decided to think about that explorer spirit, the Page of Swords in the center, open and ready to be captivated by the world. You mentioned how recently you had been around little kids and just how much fun it is to see so much through their eyes. So that’s where we find your Page, a bit like The Little Prince, standing on their planet wondering what the universe has in store. The Moon overshadowing the Page’s thoughts, hinting at your artist mind seeing the outer and inner worlds in your own way. And pinned to her chest, she has a little laurel leaf award, the Six of Wands, recognizing early achievements in that wet, watery, artistic realm. Speaking to a thirst to follow up on initial success. Looking towards the next success, that spoke to the Knight of Pentacles in the fire element. That next challenge you are looking to sink your teeth into to add a new purpose and passion to your daily life. It felt like the unanswered question of what that will be. That is why it is up there on the horizon as a comet cresting above your planet, in view, but not realized – yet. Oh and that planet of yours, the King of Wands. A solid spot to be, the center of a gravitational pull, other planets hovering around while it pulls that Knight towards it.

Inside of your planet, there is the heart of the matter. On one side, we looked at sticking with an art driven life. On the other, what you could find in other possibilities. Once I looked at both sides, I noticed something a little funny. This reading we did for your birthday, to capture your Cancer spirit at that moment. So what do the cards give you - well not yourself, of course not. But on both sides, they gave you other kindred water spirits. The Death card tied to Scorpio and the Moon card tied to Pisces. So with either path, both will leave you a little unsteady, but actually in waters that are natural for you to swim (not sink!) in.

On the known side, the Queen of Swords at the core. As in a traditional version of this card, I added in the clouds for the Queen. White, fluffy ones speak to clarity of mind. But that one dark cloud at the bottom, remembers past battles. This queen has an edge and knows where the struggles are and that she is capable of facing them. The Death card, the scorpion, the benefit, facing change head on. Scorpio, like this Queen, is known for being strong willed. And is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac. So about exactly who you might want on your side if you are looking towards a way to renew/refresh your artwork. But it’s not quite that easy right, so there is your block of the Nine of Pentacles, added to nine of the stars on the shell of Scorpio. The Nine of Pentacles usually speaks to owning or wearing your success. But in this case, I think it might talk more to feeling the burden of past success and feeling like you have to dress yourself up to the same standards.  Best to shed that cloak and try to create without expectations.

Over to the unknown side, the Moon at the core. The Moon, as an artist, is a card that always for me seems like a nice cozy spot when it comes up.  But this Moon isn’t there for that side of you, it popped up over here in this uncertain, a little lost, version. More the dark pathway one, not knowing what you are walking into. But it is also Pisces, a gentle empathic sign, also known as an artist. Maybe a hint that even if you don’t concentrate on the arts specifically, and look more toward your other possibilities, you aren’t capable from that removing creativity from whatever you do. So don’t be afraid that what you are walking into will not be able to feed you in a similar way. But then the block for that, those Eight of Wands, little shooting stars. You are in the dark and things are whizzing by/in your head. It’s confusing and you don’t really get to know what it happening before you take the first step. Oh hey look there though, the Knight of Wands coming to find a path through this. Bright light of his spaceship amongst the stars. Tap into his energy of getting out there and riding along beside those shooting stars, one will end up being the right one to follow. And the good thing about this Knight is that he might not know how to accomplish what he is working towards, but others do and want to help him. So realize there are those people in your life and be open to whatever help they might have to offer.

Then your next steps, well they aren’t fun ones and speak more to struggle that you’ll have to acknowledge before you can find a way past. The Five of Swords, those five pointy stars on the inside, often talks of self-doubt and self-bullying. The Five of Wands … remember those five fiery planets being pulled along by your King of Wands planet on the outside. Those are others that you might have to fight against to get to where you are going. Whatever move you make it isn’t going to be easy. But, there is the Two of Cups following up both of those Fives. A card all about choice and discovering what is truly right for you. So I didn’t carve anything specifically for that Two because, well who knows what that choice is. But thought of it more as the two sides of the milky way running through the center of your pot. Two water souls on each side that could be your Two of Cups.

Lastly, there is your shadow, Judgement. Judgement is all about knowing that you are at the end of a cycle and taking stock before your next step. All about looking at yourself. So for your shadow, I added in well you, a Cancer, the crab hiding about in the background. The card tied to Cancer is the Chariot, no not a card you got, but I think the one you might have been looking for. One that speaks to movement and victory. So I guess this is the moment to look into the other cards that came for you and try to find a way to put them together to create that Chariot card for yourself.

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