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into and out of

As above (the pot), so below (the reading that got us there).

Check In:

Center Five of Swords  Earth Eight of Swords  Air Page of Swords  Fire Four of Wands  Water The Star

Coming Out of the Storm:

Past Four of Cups  Present Three of Pentacles  Future Two of Wands

Next Steps Six of Swords, Nine of Swords, The Lovers 

Shadow Page of Cups

During the reading, we talked a lot about the past year of your life - the hurricane damage to your home, feeling overwhelmed, your Eight of Wands, during repairs, but also about all the good that has come during the year: a dream job (your Star) and this brand new back porch retreat that you would have never done unless forced into, but are grateful for anyway.  So it was this little perch of a retreat that I wanted to center your pot around. 

So let’s start at the bottom outside and head up and in.  At the base, is your actual hurricane, around the feet you see three swirling storms with a few rain clouds above.  I placed the storm below, because I saw in it your Four of Cups in the past, basically a disillusionment that had lingered on from earlier traumas. The tripod feet became the eyes of the storm, and within each eye, I placed the Three of Pentacles of your present to show the work the done in your home and how happy you are with your crew (and I’m counting your spouse it that!). Showing again, the good and momentum coming from that.  Above the storm is your little porch/perch in the tree, your Six of Swords and Four of Wands all in one.  It isn’t a grand vacation or party, but your own little retreat.  I drew, erased, and drew in so many options for a door or windows, but suddenly ended up going with a keyhole. I think maybe I did that for your Nine of Swords, the key is yours, you have the choice when or when not to let that anxiety in. 

On the outside of the pot, there are a few other little bits added in.  A little bird, nestle in the tree, your Page of Swords, a creature of air.  We spoke a bit of your new job, and how there are new tests and people you are encountering and finding ways to deal with.  This is your Page, your new ideas that you are just grasping onto. Below the windows are a hammer and six nails.  Your Eight and Nine of Swords, were acknowledged in different ways. Those I wanted to give a nod to, but not grace with a solid representation.  But that Six of Swords, that one is different. I wanted you to look to those Swords when those others were trying to take over.  So that’s why those Swords became nails. Still sharp, still pointy, but a tool, a strategy that helps you get to your retreat.  Oh and those windows, those are your Two of Wands and your Lovers.  Both are cards of choice. The Wands maybe more about making the choice that surprises you a bit, yes color & pattern!, and the Lovers as looking at yourself to really find what is right and a comfort.  So those are your windows to look into and out of.

So up and over the rim, into the inside.  I loved when the Page of Cups snuck in as your shadow, speaking to a new beginning of getting in touch with your intuition and spiritual side again.  I put this card of water over your bed to rain down and seep into your dreams at night.  And those ghosts, well for most that wouldn’t be a good thing, but for you they are supposed to be there, of course - open back up to them. And the bed, check the posts, there are your Four of Wands again, linking your inner self to a time of celebration and renewed passion.  Let your dreams inspire you to start new projects and keep all this motion going.

And down at the bottom, well that’s just a bit of mish-mash, it’s your Star and your Five of Swords, but transformed into a compass to remind you of which direction to aim your fight.  Look towards the Star, the Four of Wands, the Six of Swords, things that ignite and renew you. 

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