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out of this shake up

Move along beside the story of this pot below.

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Center The Tower  Earth Seven of Cups  Air Queen of Swords  Fire Two of Cups  Water The World


Core Six of Pentacles  Block Queen of Cups  Benefit Four of Wands 

Next Steps Empress, Seven of Swords, Nine of Cups

Shadow Ten of Pentacles

During the reading, we talked about your recent decision to move and refocus your life. With your rebuilding, I decided to build your pot around making a new nest for yourself. And that nest, just like the reading, comes straight out of this shake up, The Tower, that you are in right now.  Looking inside of the pot, there are the little cracks of the Tower at the bottom forming into something new, your purposefully built nest. That nest is the shadow guiding you through the choices you are making right now, a goal towards the security of a Ten of Pentacles life. A life that can sustain you and enrich you at the same time.

And for the nest, of course, I wanted to try to do my best to make it home to a hawk for you. And when thinking of a hawk with its wings spread, I thought so much of the strong women represented in the deck we worked with. The wings arched so similarly to the strong stance of the Queen of Swords and the Empress. So those two cards, I tied up in this representation. The Queen of Swords in your Air energy pinpointing that this is a time of strategic thought for you, a powerful moment. And the Empress in the next steps, bringing the pieces of the nest together to create a new existence for yourself. And soaring at the same time like the Empress tends to do.

At the same time this nest is rooted in the Tower, it found its footing in the seven trees you see around the outside of the pot, the Seven of Cups in the Earth energy. Making sure that you have planted yourself where you can brave any harsh winds or missteps and truly thrive. So, I guess, even though you have chosen your tree, always keep an eye out to make sure it’s branch is still the best place for you. And in those six trees that aren’t yours, I hid another thing that speaks to others. I cut out the centers of each, so they are spots that you can glance inside or out. I wanted this to capture the Six of Pentacles spirit, a give and take, at the core of your transition. This change was a decision you made for yourself, but it does bring you closer to people that mean so much to you. So those Pentacles seem to talk about the benefits you are getting from them and what they are getting from you being near. This speaks to all the new faces you will be meeting too. All you can gain from them, but so much they can gain from you. So that’s why I left those spots open, to share back and forth all the good happening now. And all that good, the Four of Wands, such an exciting benefit to have in front of you. So those are the four other birds hovering around those trees. Each bird with a twig in their beak, ready help build this new world and celebrate each step. So take time with all those in this new world of yours to stop and enjoy being in it together.

So there are two more cards slipped into your next left to talk about. The Two of Cups in the Fire energy and the Seven of Swords slinking around in the next steps. Seven eggs for the Seven of Swords. Each a tactic for the cunning Queen of Swords to keep close to her. And two of those eggs, one slipped under each wing, are your Two of Cups as your fiery excitement that lit up your eyes as you spoke of where you’ve decided to have the world to take you. Just the right choice.

Oh and the World…yeah that World in your Water energy. That World and your Nine of Cups down at the way bottom holding everything up. For that World and those Cups, I made a nine-circuited, wet watery, labyrinth to mimic the one you mention at home. Signaling that underneath all this shake up was such an emotionally sound decision. And lastly, speaking of emotions, there is your block of the Queen of Cups. And yes, I hate seeing such a kindred spirit showing up as the block. But there is your dreamy swan, a whole other type of bird altogether, floating on top of your World. It is so easy and natural to turn your head and mind in like this swan and swim around in dreamy places. But maybe, just not right now.

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