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follow the energy

Follow along below for the story of this pinch pot.

Check In:

Center The Hermit  Earth Justice  Air Nine of Pentacles  Fire Two of Swords  Water Ace of Pentacles

Finding Focus:

Past Ace of Pentacles  Present Six of Swords  Future The Empress         

Next Steps Ten of Swords, Page of Swords, Knight of Wands 

Nearer Nest Steps  Four of Wands, Two of Wands, Two of Swords

Shadow Three of Cups

You probably noticed the shape of your pinch pot, right? You were building your piece, then looked down and commented how most of my work was rounded, but your pot had sides. And you changed it based on me. But after your left, I changed it back based on you and all those Twos. There you have it, your four-sided pot. I thought it gave you a better “angle” to study the reading and frame something out of it. And really, so much of what you do is about putting projects and people into the best frame too. So summed up in the two solid sides is the Two of Swords that came first in your fire energy and back to haunt you in your immediate next steps. Saying creatively, you were at a block with so much going on and needed to find a way to push through or work around it. But there too in those steps is the Two of Wands, as the two openings. Hinting this is not an end all block, there are so many more options to grab on to, so just try something and see what happens.

And that leads me to the look of your piece. While working on your pot, I went to a talk by the author, Lauren Groff. Another crazy multi-tasker like you, with twenty million ideas always working through her mind. And one thing she said, that reminded me of all your Twos was, “Follow the energy or kill the project.” So that’s where we are, following the energy starting from that grounding outlet, the Ace of Pentacles, in the past and of the water energy. Such a nurturing spot of bringing new things into the world. And from that spot, following the cord as it wraps its way around. At the start, it moves between the openings of the Two of Wands, with little sparks of the Four of Wands shooting off. Okay, sparks not the safest thing, but think of them in more of fun way and attention-getting little celebration way. Notice small achievements and rejoice in them. Also inside, are the farther off next steps. The Ten of Swords as little balls of crumpled up paper. Not every idea quite works, be okay with some rough drafts, so you can use them to get to the next one. The Page of Swords, as the just sharpened pencil ready to take note. Pages are the communicators always ready to learn. Maybe a reminder that experts in their field need to be open to well, whatever. And lastly in there, your Knight of Wands, a wooden coatrack in the corner with your specific armor hanging up. This is the Knight that once he suits up, the crowd flocks to his charisma.

Then on the outside, as the cords inches along, there are other cards like the Nine of Pentacles. The time zone clocks, showing different moments and places your approach has been on point. So know that and flaunt it a bit. Then there is that desk with two typewriters on it. Your toss of up how to focus when confronted with more than one project that needs seeing too. And also, on the desk is family photo because that is, of course, right there alongside and the root of everything else. So this balance is the Justice of your day to day, finding balance to each aspect. And also, there just behind everything else, is the task light, The Hermit at the core. The spot that electric cord led to. Basically saying, it is all on you, like you didn’t know that already. But it is also saying, that is only because you have the answers in yourself anyway.

Oh but hey, look out that window beside the desk. Partly covered by the six blind slats of the Six of Pentacles. Saying you just made it through a lot, personally and then professionally launching the new project. Even though you feel the rush to push the work further, before you make the next decisions that will help with that, just take a minute and enjoy the view. And that view, that’s The Empress, her wheat fields and her river and her forest. All about growth and creation from the subconscious into the world. She is the bookend from your Ace of Pentacles, giving life to one project and it growing into so much more for so many more people. And that is why the twelve stars of her crown wandered their way out onto the pot. And her pomegranate snuck on to the desktop, sitting right between work and family. The Empress is all encompassing in a pretty awesome way.

So all that said, possibly focus is hard because there is The Hermit trying to figure it all out, but not for himself, but for oh so many and much more. And that’s your shadow, The Three of Cups. The absolute social card of just living in the moment and enjoying those around you – at the water cooler, I mean where else?

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