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the point of the heart

Read below for the heart of the pinch pot.

Check In:

Center Knight of Wands  Earth Six of Wands  Air Knight of Pentacles  Fire Magician  Water Five of Swords

Focus on Your Creative Life:

Past High Priestess  Present King of Swords  Future Magician         

Next Steps Ace of Swords, Eight of Wands, Queen of Wands 

Shadow King of Wands

One of my favorite photographers is Eugene Atget. At the beginning of the age of photography, he worked to capture the fast changing face of Paris, shooting at dawn for diffused light to capture the quiet ambience of the old city before it disappeared. And from this, his work, which really is similar to yours, is the foundation of the pot. A little city scene to roam about in.

At the center is a little vintage camera, both of your Knights, action in thought and self. The lens, your Knight of Pentacles. How you hold onto the world around you, wanting to capture and share what motivates you. The flash, your Knight of Wands, a burst of creativity noticed by those around you.  But take a second and notice the camera strap with five little rips in it. Your Five of Swords, speaking to inward or outward emotional conflict. A bit of strife holding you back from working without caution.

Also on this inside is the High Priestess of the past. We talked about how you had loved quiet time alone getting to know your new city and planning out your work. I thought of Oakland cemetery, one of my favorite quiet places to wander and just the right brooding place for a priestess. She is all about retreating into self to explore and to grow. That is why with the gravestones, I added Oakland’s greenhouse. A spot for her to nurture herself and bloom into the present.

And that present, your King of Swords I let get entangled with your Six of Wands of your here and now earth energy and that other king, the King of Wands shadowing you. These are the six street lights, the Six of Wands, leading the way down the cobblestone street on the side. Sparkly little highlights to all that is going right with your creative work that hopefully will push you forward to the next step. Then there are those Kings, both in that one tallest metal light, a flame a bit brighter than the rest. Speaking to your King of Swords having to make decisions for and your King of Wands gathering together other artists and the in town community, a haphazard bunch, and the stress that comes from that. A governing and necessary role, but not the most fun.

But from there, you get to the point of the heart and there is the Magician, who followed you through the reading - so best to pay attention. He is the street signs, each element pointing in one direction or the other. A map laid out so you know that you have control of which way to go and which resource to put into use. Basically saying, you are in control of anything you want in your artistic life, you just have to act on it. 

So one direction those signs lead is through the neighborhood and around the back corner to a little gathering spot.  Above the door is a brand new light bulb, the Ace of Swords.  A new strategy to discover and try to hone in on yourself to reveal that Queen of Wands energy, that you want more than those Kings you currently have. It the same mature stance, but a softer more nurturing version. That glow from the light that draws ideas and people towards it.  So tap into that and like that swarm of quick moving moths drawn to its spark, you will find your Eight of Wands, a fast and fleeting chance to jump onto and let carry you to your next opportunity.

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