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what you are walking into

Read below for the story of this pinch pot.

Check In:

Center Hanged Man  Earth Ace of Swords  Air Temperance  Fire Nine of Pentacles  Water Eight of Cups

Opening a Door:

Past Devil  Present Ace of Wands  Future The Chariot         

Next Steps Mother of Pentacles, Magician, Judgment

Shadow Five of Wands

The idea for your pinch pot, of course, had to come from our mutual love of old seemingly useless doors. So that’s where I went, especially knowing that we were talking about finding out which door was next for your life. And that’s why there are literally nine doors circling your piece.

But eight of those doors, those are your Eight of Cups, your gut feeling telling you that it is time to change something in your life. Those eight doors that you are walking away from, half are cracked open a little bit outward and the others inward. The Temperance card that weighed heavily on your mind, seeing the weight of your choice and wanting to honor it from each side. And also, within those doors, I placed the Judgement of your next steps. Each is a glass door, to let you fully see through to really let you know what you are walking into before making a choice and knowing that it is the right one.

So that last door, The Chariot in the future. On that door, you see its glass panels as two chariot wheels. The door is flung wide open, because when the Chariot starts moving, it does so quick and decisively. But getting to it open, that was the tricky part. Hidden away within the pinch pot or within yourself are your Ace of Swords a resources energy, the Magician as your next steps, or the very necessary Ace of Wands in your present. The Magician appeared as the toolbox. The Magician sounds so mystical, but really it is just a regular person realizing they can harness the tools at their disposal to make what they desire happen. And the Ace of Swords as the skeleton key, a new strategy that can be held in the palm of your hand to initiate the change in your day to day. And then that flashlight, your Ace of Wands of now. It’s that spark to light up which door to go through. To show you your Chariot to climb onto. But one last thing about that door, when it was thrown open, the door frame splintered into five shards of wood. The Five of Wands lingering below the situation. The tension and conflict built up underneath everything.

And speaking a little more of underneath everything … at the bottom of the pot are a bound pair of hands, the core of your struggle with the Hanged Man, but countered with the Mother of Pentacles as your advice. Your Hanged Man, just finding yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. And having to stay there a little longer while you determine your course. And your Mother of Pentacles knowing and wanting to cradle the situation to make it the easier for those in your life. Those two aspects caught between discomfort for yourself while trying to care others. Not a maintainable situation. But it wasn’t supposed to be.

Oh and two more thinks lurking in the background, first the Nine of Pentacles in your fire energy. The energy that shows a lot of your vitality and passion. With the Nine of Pentacles it tells you to let yourself shine and appreciation what all you’ve accomplished. Those are the glass door knobs on each of the doors, because everyone knows that doors with glass knobs are extra special. And well, those knobs are pretty small, so I made the background pattern of the whole pot a reflection of those shiny sparkly handles, so they couldn’t go unnoticed. But speaking of going unnoticed, there is that other thing creeping about on the backside of the pot. The Devil from the past. Not so much one particular thing or person, but more a reminder of wherever the next door goes just not fall into the same habits of that you have served, but have not served you, in the past. The past is a charming devil, a wild amount of fun, just don’t get too caught up in it ;)

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